Monday, 10 January 2011

SHOUTOUT! - My TOP YouTubers of 2010!!

Hi Friends!!

Here is my little shout out video to all the ladies that i have loved on YouTube during 2010!
Unfortunately my brain was not completely in gear when i made this and i've forgotten to mention a few people!!! Dum i know so here they are, with links and why i love their channels!!

First up is Pooh2b - - This girly is called Stephanie and i have been watching her for the most part of 2010. She does fantastic tutorials and really has an eye for colour and what works well together. She is also a personal friend who is one of the nicest people on youtube. She also had a fabulous accent that i love listening too! Have a listen you will see what i mean!!

Next is Adifferentpretty - - This is a collab channel between 7 lovely ladies who each have a day when they make a video! It's a great channel because all the ladies are lovely and the video concepts are great! Check em out!!

Next is VeggieBeauty - - I am a fairly new to subscribing to this lady but i really love her videos. She is a big supporter of animal free testing ( as we all should be ) and opened my eyes to a few companies, she is wonderful!

So yeah please check out these ladies for all beauty related things! A link to each of the ladies featured in my video are all in the down bar for you to check out :-D

Another few YouTube channels that i love are a few of my good friends in the gaming communtiy! I am not sure how many of you will be interested in games but if your husbands/boyfriends/brothers watch youtube gaming videos then why not point them to these guys!!!

First up is my best friend Lisa flying the flag for all the girly gamers out there! Her channel is registered under the name of The Combat Pixie and her link is She hasn't posted a video for a while but she is very busy being a mom and working her butt off but when she does get time i'm sure she will update it!!

Next up is my friend Brad!! He is a very talented gamers who whoops my butt every time we play, he is also just a really nice guy in general! He is under his gamer tag which is abeardedyeti and his link is Check him out!

Next is my friend Robbie! He is also a great gamer who has had his channel for a while now, he has quite a few subbies but always looking for more! His link is

And last but not least is Chad! Chad's videos are funny!! He is quirky, cooky and just a little bit strange but i kinda like him!! lol His channel link is

So that's all my blogs for today i hope you are having an awesome monday!!

Love n Hugs

Laura xxx

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