Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Haul Video Coming Up!!

Hiya my lovlies,

Wellll!!! I finally decided what I would spend some of my christmas money on... you guessed it! More make up!
So I have ordered from three websites and I am waiting on them coming, I have ordered a few things from NYX, Maybelline, Revlon and Avon! I cannot wait for them to arrive!!!
I will keep you updated! But i'm keeping what is is a secret!!

Hope your all having a lovely Tuesday with a good start to your week! Chris is having to study a lot at the moment, he is in the final few months of his university course and he is cramming hard, which means a lot more lonely internet time for me :-( I'm also looking for new storage ideas! My make up collection is just getting out of hand now and my stuff is EVERYWHERE!!

Things are getting put aside and not used and I need to sort that out! LOL!!

Anyways love n hugs till next time!

Laura xxxxxx

Monday, 10 January 2011

SHOUTOUT! - My TOP YouTubers of 2010!!

Hi Friends!!

Here is my little shout out video to all the ladies that i have loved on YouTube during 2010!
Unfortunately my brain was not completely in gear when i made this and i've forgotten to mention a few people!!! Dum i know so here they are, with links and why i love their channels!!

First up is Pooh2b - http://www.youtube.com/user/pooh2b - This girly is called Stephanie and i have been watching her for the most part of 2010. She does fantastic tutorials and really has an eye for colour and what works well together. She is also a personal friend who is one of the nicest people on youtube. She also had a fabulous accent that i love listening too! Have a listen you will see what i mean!!

Next is Adifferentpretty - http://www.youtube.com/user/adifferentpretty - This is a collab channel between 7 lovely ladies who each have a day when they make a video! It's a great channel because all the ladies are lovely and the video concepts are great! Check em out!!

Next is VeggieBeauty - http://www.youtube.com/user/veggiebeauty - I am a fairly new to subscribing to this lady but i really love her videos. She is a big supporter of animal free testing ( as we all should be ) and opened my eyes to a few companies, she is wonderful!

So yeah please check out these ladies for all beauty related things! A link to each of the ladies featured in my video are all in the down bar for you to check out :-D

Another few YouTube channels that i love are a few of my good friends in the gaming communtiy! I am not sure how many of you will be interested in games but if your husbands/boyfriends/brothers watch youtube gaming videos then why not point them to these guys!!!

First up is my best friend Lisa flying the flag for all the girly gamers out there! Her channel is registered under the name of The Combat Pixie and her link is http://www.youtube.com/user/TheCombatPixie She hasn't posted a video for a while but she is very busy being a mom and working her butt off but when she does get time i'm sure she will update it!!

Next up is my friend Brad!! He is a very talented gamers who whoops my butt every time we play, he is also just a really nice guy in general! He is under his gamer tag which is abeardedyeti and his link is http://www.youtube.com/user/aBeardedYeti Check him out!

Next is my friend Robbie! He is also a great gamer who has had his channel for a while now, he has quite a few subbies but always looking for more! His link is http://www.youtube.com/user/Ronin6337

And last but not least is Chad! Chad's videos are funny!! He is quirky, cooky and just a little bit strange but i kinda like him!! lol His channel link is http://www.youtube.com/user/xPwnzanichx

So that's all my blogs for today i hope you are having an awesome monday!!

Love n Hugs

Laura xxx

REVIEW - ELF 100 Eyeshadow Palette

Hiya Friends,
So it's the start of a new week! I hope you are all doing well!
This is my video review on the ELF 100 eyeshadow palette. Please check it out and let me know what you think, i value everyone's feed back!!


Full details are in the video but as an overview I would say this product is worth purchasing as it does have a vast range of colours with a variety of finishes. The shadows themselves are a bit hit and miss with only about 50-60 of them being high enough quality to use. Some of the mattes are a little chalky and can be hard to use but there are a few gems in there.

The browns, coppers and bronze's are this palettes strong point so if your into the more natural looks then this would be a good addition to your collection. I had intented to do lots of swatches in this blog but unfortunately my camera has run out of batteries so i cannot do that at this moment. I have swatched some in the video though so check that out.

The palette is limited edition so if you are looking for it i would suggest you purchase it soon because i'm not 100% sure when it will be available too.
It's on sale at www.eyeslipsface.co.uk and www.eyeslipsface.com
It's selling for £15 in the Uk but right now there is 50% off it so grab a bargain. In the USA it's selling for $10 even more of a bargain! Even is you just take the 50-60 good shadows you paying 25p per shadow.

So i hope you enjoy my review. Have a lovely day and I will speak to you soon!!

Love and Hugs

Laura X

Saturday, 8 January 2011

REVIEW - Urban Decay The NAKED Palette

Hi Friends!!
Back again with another review this time the hugely popular NAKED palette from Urban Decay!
This was launched in the fall of 2010 but thousands of make up lovers are still not able to get their hands on it due to the fact that it almost instantly sells out when it's back in stock and many stores are holding waiting lists for it. At first it was rumoured to be limited edition but it has been confirmed that it will indeed be part of their permanent collection! So is it worth all the hype? YES! YES! YES! Read on......

 This palette comes complete with 12 FULL SIZE, yes i said FULL SIZE eyeshadows!! That is incredible value for money! This palette contains 6 permanent shadows, 1 re promote and 5 NEW shades. They are as follows :

Virgin - New - A pale nude beige with a touch of shimmer -
Sin - Permanent - A pink champagne colour with a frost finish.
Naked - Permanent - A soft brown matte, very smooth and not chalky
Sidecar - Re-promoted - A brown bronze with shimmer hints of a red undertone.
Buck - New - A darker version of naked basically and the second of only two mattes again very smooth.

Half Baked - Permanent - A gold with a frost metallic finish beautiful colour
Smog - Permanent - A medium bronze shade with a frost finish. 
Darkhorse - New - A gorgeous deep chocolate brown with gold through it
Toasted - Perminent - A lovely dark pinky brown shade with a frost/shimmer finish
Hustle - New - Beautiful plummy brown colour with 

lovely soft shimmer finish
Creep - New - Blue/Black with Silver and Teal Shimmer, gorgeous colour!
Gunmetal - Permanent - A intense Blue/Grey Metallic

The selling price for this palette is £28/$44 and if you consider each UD eyeshadow sells for £14/$17 you can see the value in it! Even just buying it for the new shades alone you are getting a bargain.

Along with the palette you also receive a double ended eyeliner from their 24/7 range in the colours Zero and Whiskey.

And if that's STILL not enough you get a mini version of their fantastic eyeshadow primer! What more could you want?

The Pigmentation
Urban Decay are a wonderful brand that produce consistently top quality eyeshadows. The only negative thing i can say about them is sometimes their shadows can be overly glitterly (Midnight cowboy rides again and Uzi anyone?) You do not have this issue with any of the shadows in this palette. Sidecar can be a little bit difficult at times but just remember
pat your brush off well and you will be fine.
The pigmentation and colour pay off in all of these shadows are wonderful and the mattes are a dream! If more company's could get their matte formulas to be as smooth and as non chalky as buck and naked then i would wear mattes more often!

The Range of Colours
When i heard that UD was bringing out a naked palette that would be more towards the neutral end of the spectrum i didn't know what to expect as UD is known for it's bright bold eyeshadows. But when i saw the shadows i fel in love with them. EVERY shadow in this palette is wearable on a daily basis, there are some eyeshadows in UD palettes that i find very hard to incorporate into my daily make up however pretty they looked swatched! You can have an every day eye using the mattes, an out to lunch look combining the mattes with a bit of shimmer and you can really vamp it up for night time using creep and gunmetal!

Staying Power
You put these on top of their primer potion and these will not budge, fade or crease all day. No touch up's required.

Favourite Colours & Combinations
A soft put together look for work - Virgin all over, Naked on the Lid and Buck in the crease
Weekend daytime look - Virgin all over, Sin on the Lid and Toasted in the crease
Weekend nighttime look - Virgin all over (can you tell my fav colour?) Half Baked on the lid with a little bit of darkhorse & hustle in the crease.

When you can get it BUY IT! You will not regret it. Really nice size palette better than their book of shadows much easier to store and use. The shadows glide on and blend effortlessly and their is a look for every occasion. My top buy of 2010.

Thanks for reading please don't forget to leave me a comment and click that follow button!

Love Laura xx

REVIEW - Bobbi Brown Modern Classic Lip & Eye Palette

 This is my new Bobbi Brown Palette that I received from my wonderful hubster at Christmas. He always buys me Bobbi Brown something or other for Christmas and this was this years offering!

In the palette you get 10 Eyeshadows, 4 Lip Glosses & 2 mini make up brushes. These brushes are of great quality, you get a small eyeshadow brush and a lip brush.

This palette retails for £59/$75 and can be purchased from
http://www.bobbibrown.co.uk/ or
Now for the review!


The Colours

Grape    (Glitter)
Pink Bouquet   (Glitter)
Golden Topaz   (Glitter)
Paisley Rose   (Shimmer)

The Pigmentation

Grape, Pink Bouquet and Golden Topaz are quite sheer but look wonderful paired over your fav lipstick. Try them over more muted shades of lipstick and see them transformed, the effects can be very pretty.
Paisley Rose however has fair bit of colour to it and looks lovely and subtle on the lips or can be built up for more of a pop!

Staying Power
Better than your average lip gloss. Bobbi Brown lip glosses are all a little thicker than your bargain brands and therefore tend to last a lot longer. I find staying power can vary from person to person and different situations but for the most part these lip glosses will last on their own a good 2-4 hours.

Favourite Colours & Combinations
Paisley Rose is my fav by far, use that as your base coat and pop a little Golden Topaz over the top and it looks beautiful!


Top Row (L-R)
Ivory (Matte)
Oyster Grey (Metallic)
Antique Pink (Shimmer Wash)
Quarry (Stone Shimmer Wash)
Taffeta (Soft Pink Metallic)
Second Row (L-R)
Birch (Light Brown Matte)
Heather Rose (Shimmer Wash)
Navy Charcoal (Matte)
Gold Thread (Metallic)
Espresso (Brown/Black Matte)

The Pigmentation
Top Row Swatches

As you can see the pigmentation in these shadows is lovely. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash shadows tend to be sheerer in colour than their metallics and mattes but are really build able so you can have a quick sweep of colours for days when you want to look put together and professional and really build it up for the more dramatic looks. This provides fabulous versatility.

I like the fact that you get a mix of finishes in this palatte which is really why it's become my go to palatte because it's got a shadow for every occasion.

Bottom Row Swatches

Again you can see the pigmentation and finish to these shadows are beautiful. Bobbi Brown makes wonderful shadows and these are no exception.

Staying Power
Once you put these shadows on they are going NO WHERE! They do not fade, they do not crease, they go no where until you are ready to take them off! These eyeshadows are top quality!
Fav Colours & Combinations
I love every colour in this palette, every one of them is wearable. My absoloute fav are - Ivory, Antique Pink, Taffeta, Heather Rose & Gold Thread. My fav combinations are Antique Pink all  over the lid with Heather Rose and Birch in the crease. It's beautiful!

Bobbi Brown has done it again. This palette is wonderful the lip glosses gorgeous, the eyeshadows outstanding. The shadows glide on like cream, blend beautifully, do not crease and last for ages. The Lip glosses look lovely, very creamy and non sticky and last longer than most lip glosses. The size of the palette is nice too, very travel friendly it's smaller than the average hand and can easily fit in your hand bag for on the go touch ups. This is the perfect palette to build your bobbi brown eyeshadows! Don't forget you are getting 14 products in this palette so that equates to £4.21/$5.35 for each item!! Brilliant value for money!

Hi World!!

Hey to all my make up junkies out there!!
I'm now officially a blogger!!
I have had a YouTube Make Up channel for a while and i will put the link below and as much as i love it i feel there are times when i maybe don't have time to make a video or more recently i have been too ill too, but still want to touch base and keep in contact with you guys!
So this is the beginning!
I plan to post 3-4 blogs per week, they will consist of reviews of make up products, swatches more in depth pictures etc!
I bid you farewell for now!
Love Laura xxxxx