Saturday, 8 January 2011

REVIEW - Bobbi Brown Modern Classic Lip & Eye Palette

 This is my new Bobbi Brown Palette that I received from my wonderful hubster at Christmas. He always buys me Bobbi Brown something or other for Christmas and this was this years offering!

In the palette you get 10 Eyeshadows, 4 Lip Glosses & 2 mini make up brushes. These brushes are of great quality, you get a small eyeshadow brush and a lip brush.

This palette retails for £59/$75 and can be purchased from or
Now for the review!


The Colours

Grape    (Glitter)
Pink Bouquet   (Glitter)
Golden Topaz   (Glitter)
Paisley Rose   (Shimmer)

The Pigmentation

Grape, Pink Bouquet and Golden Topaz are quite sheer but look wonderful paired over your fav lipstick. Try them over more muted shades of lipstick and see them transformed, the effects can be very pretty.
Paisley Rose however has fair bit of colour to it and looks lovely and subtle on the lips or can be built up for more of a pop!

Staying Power
Better than your average lip gloss. Bobbi Brown lip glosses are all a little thicker than your bargain brands and therefore tend to last a lot longer. I find staying power can vary from person to person and different situations but for the most part these lip glosses will last on their own a good 2-4 hours.

Favourite Colours & Combinations
Paisley Rose is my fav by far, use that as your base coat and pop a little Golden Topaz over the top and it looks beautiful!


Top Row (L-R)
Ivory (Matte)
Oyster Grey (Metallic)
Antique Pink (Shimmer Wash)
Quarry (Stone Shimmer Wash)
Taffeta (Soft Pink Metallic)
Second Row (L-R)
Birch (Light Brown Matte)
Heather Rose (Shimmer Wash)
Navy Charcoal (Matte)
Gold Thread (Metallic)
Espresso (Brown/Black Matte)

The Pigmentation
Top Row Swatches

As you can see the pigmentation in these shadows is lovely. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash shadows tend to be sheerer in colour than their metallics and mattes but are really build able so you can have a quick sweep of colours for days when you want to look put together and professional and really build it up for the more dramatic looks. This provides fabulous versatility.

I like the fact that you get a mix of finishes in this palatte which is really why it's become my go to palatte because it's got a shadow for every occasion.

Bottom Row Swatches

Again you can see the pigmentation and finish to these shadows are beautiful. Bobbi Brown makes wonderful shadows and these are no exception.

Staying Power
Once you put these shadows on they are going NO WHERE! They do not fade, they do not crease, they go no where until you are ready to take them off! These eyeshadows are top quality!
Fav Colours & Combinations
I love every colour in this palette, every one of them is wearable. My absoloute fav are - Ivory, Antique Pink, Taffeta, Heather Rose & Gold Thread. My fav combinations are Antique Pink all  over the lid with Heather Rose and Birch in the crease. It's beautiful!

Bobbi Brown has done it again. This palette is wonderful the lip glosses gorgeous, the eyeshadows outstanding. The shadows glide on like cream, blend beautifully, do not crease and last for ages. The Lip glosses look lovely, very creamy and non sticky and last longer than most lip glosses. The size of the palette is nice too, very travel friendly it's smaller than the average hand and can easily fit in your hand bag for on the go touch ups. This is the perfect palette to build your bobbi brown eyeshadows! Don't forget you are getting 14 products in this palette so that equates to £4.21/$5.35 for each item!! Brilliant value for money!


  1. OMG, OMG, you've GOT TO DO A TUTORIAL USING THIS PALETTE!!!!! This has wonderful everyday colors that can be brought to night time shades too. I can just tell that by looking at the palette!!! I'm so jealous : P Gray shades are awesome for any skin shade.

  2. I might have to send this blog to my other half :D xx